About Arlene Marie

I’m Arlene Marie. An American Italian-French Business Woman with a passion for many things.

My background specialties have included event planning and catering, feminine brand and re-branding, logo design, printables, handmade jewelries as well as bath and body products and my owning my own boutique.

After many years within the travel and bridal industry I found a new love and passion for creating logo brands, styling and design for women businesses. And most importantly a love for shopping, fitness and swimsuits! I am also certified in certain fitness & beauty programs.

I started my first online blog over 15 years ago with The Pink Tulle Bride and that eventually expanded to Gorgeous Boxes which provided brand and subscription box reviews and Brand Affiliation partnerships.

If you do not know my journey, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2014. It has now Metastasis to Skin & Bone Cancer with NO CURE along with an Autoimmune Disease that mimics MS. Every day is a struggle to feel my best. However..I have never once let it contain me. I am still battling with my illness and have had quite a few life-saving surgeries within this past year alone. I live a low carb- keto sometimes lifestyle, I still complete two 5k’s yearly while traveling and enjoying life. Every day has been a blessing and one I am most grateful for.

Closing my online + mobile boutique was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. But running it alone with an overwhelming illness that eventually bedbound me for months left me no choice. The rest of my inventory is now in my Poshmark shop. One day I may re-open it again.

I was in bed for months and knew something had to change. After relearning how to apply makeup all over again I found Seint Beauty and immediately fell in love with it and became a SEINT BEAUTY ARTIST. I found my sparkle back. If I could offer what I felt to just ONE Woman…my soul would be so much happier.

I also became aware that I needed to make additional changes within my soul in order to learn, grow and gain the knowledge to change mentally, emotionally, physically and my body in healthier way from the inside out. I have an amazing “team of specialty physicians” along with personal wellness coach and books I am reading all on this new journey guiding me.

I am loving and celebrating all my new adventures. Because,

Questa sona io.

“This is me”.


Arlene Marie

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