Gorgeous Boxes was created in 2014 at a time when I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. While I was beginning my journey I started receiving products and gift items from friends and family to help get me through the days, cheer me up and to help me feel better. Little by little I started posting my honest little reviews about some of the items and VIOLA! Gorgeous Boxes evolved.

I am still battling with my health due to numerous complications related to my cancer but still offer my reviews on my favorite products. Yes, I have taken time away during these past few years on my blogsite and social media due to my health, BUT I have always shared my reviews good & bad with those around me and my followers.

I do my best to give my personal opinion on products I choose to purchase and/or gifted to me by friends, family and businesses.

I choose products that mesh with my personality, my health & well being, fitness, fun and just because its pretty and/or interesting to me. Sometimes my curiosity will get me.

I do NOT offer good reviews in exchange for free items. All reviews are honest.

I am still battling with my illness and have had quite a few life-saving surgeries within this past year alone. I live a low carb- keto sometimes lifestyle, I still complete two 5k’s yearly while traveling and enjoying life. But I spend most of my time with my grandbaby & husband while recovering from the latest procedure or treatment. Every day has been a blessing and one I am most grateful for. Gorgeous Boxes will evolve a little more this time to include updates with my health, my adventures with Avery, my other businesses and always product reviews.

I hope you plan to keep following my journeys both personal and professionally. You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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