About Arlene Marie

I’m Arlene Marie. An American Italian-French Business Woman with a passion for many things.

Owner, creator, designer, founder of Arlene Marie, Bijoux Beauties, Arlene Marie Designs, Arlene Marie Paperie, Gorgeous Boxes, Little Pink Mermaid, Pink Tulle Bride and Bellissima Bain.

My background specialties have included event planning and catering, feminine brand and re-branding, logo design, printables, handmade jewelries as well as bath and body products.

After many years within the travel and bridal industry I found a new love and passion for creating logo brands, styling and design for women businesses. And most importantly a love for shopping, fitness and swimsuits!

I started my first online blog over 15 years ago with The Pink Tulle Bride and that eventually expanded to Gorgeous Boxes which provided brand and subscription box reviews and Brand Affiliation partnerships. But all along behind the scenes I was helping branding and designing logos, business templates, package labels and websites for women businesses.

Although my Cancer will never go away…it is something I will learn to live with and manage the right way.

Yes, I have taken time away during these past few years on my blogsite and social media due to my health, BUT I have always shared my reviews good & bad with those around me and my followers.

I do my best to give my personal opinion on products I choose to purchase and/or gifted to me by friends, family and businesses.

I choose products that mesh with my personality, my health & well-being, fitness, fun and just because it’s pretty and/or interesting to me. Sometimes my curiosity will get me.

I do NOT offer good reviews in exchange for free items. All reviews are honest.

I am still battling with my illness and have had quite a few life-saving surgeries within this past year alone. I live a low carb- keto sometimes lifestyle, I still complete two 5k’s yearly while traveling and enjoying life. But I spend most of my time with my grandbaby & husband while recovering from the latest procedure or treatment. Every day has been a blessing and one I am most grateful for. Gorgeous Boxes will evolve a little more this time to include updates with my health, my adventures with Avery, my other businesses and always product reviews.

I hope you plan to keep following my journeys both personal and professionally. You can also follow me on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram- (on hiatus), Pinterest and Twitter

If you would like to have your product(s) featured on any of my sites, brand ambassadorship and/or affiliate please Contact Me.

Arlene Marie Boutique have officially closed and now all my inventory is on my Poshmark shop while I focus on my wellness and Cancer Care.

Fitness and Beaute care have become vital for my wellness. It’s the reason why I have become Certified in a few Fitness-Beaute Level programs the last year so stay tuned. Who knows what the future will hold me for me.

If you are a business or brand and would love me to attend, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Arlene Marie